Successful Dropship Products for your Shopify store

After receiving your BeGlobal activation key follow the BeGlobal guide click here for the Guide to access the BeGlobal market and set up your Shopify store to the BeGlobal Monitor

Please note the Shopify option is not visible in the User Interface until you have created a Shopify token ( in the menu go to account, API, then Shopify). These graphs below will help you set up the account. You can also watch the video here or click on image below.



Shopify instructions




The pulls transaction from Shopify button is in the orders page.

Please clean the policies content link and create some fake policies to complete the overall set up.

shopify dropshipping in USA

Once the set is complete you can start importing the products.

US dropshipping

If you came across this error message when trying to list products, then please make sure  you select Shopify and not eBay.

shopify logo

logo shopify

We  can take you through the process step by step, helping with marketing, market analysis and trends, keeping your store at the forefront of trendy and profitable sales. We can help with the preparation and organizing of listings.

Are you looking at different market places ?

You can open an eBay account next to your Shopify store and connect Shopify to the Ebay market place and profit from its enormous traffic.

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